Spectacular Views Saturn’s Rings and Moons

Quick Saturn update.  I plan to post several articles about Cassini’s Grand Finale over the next few months.  For now just a small post to wet your appetite 🙂

Over the past few months, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has been in what are called the “proximal” orbits.  Cassini is now diving between Saturn and it’s rings, and this has allowed for some truly spectacular views of the rings and its moons.

Enjoy the images below.  Watch this space for updates as we lead up to September when Cassini will burn up in Saturn’s atmosphere.

Below is a close up image of the rings.  You can actually see straw-like clumps in the rings.

Credit: NASA/Cassini














Below is an image of three of Saturn’s moons up very close.  These moons are especially interesting because they have a noticeable accretion ring around their midsection.

Credit: NASA Cassini

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