Planetary Resources Kickstarts Space Telescope for the Masses

Planetary Resources plans to launch a KickStarter campaign to support the launch of their new space telescope, which they plan to make available for high school science classes, researchers, and the general public!


Members of the public can contribute to the KickStarter project at the following link:

Planetary Resources KickStarter project

Also, as mentioned in a previous post, a live stream of the launch event which takes place at 10:00 am PDT is available at the following location:

As a parent it is tremendously exciting to me that our local schools will now have the opportunity to engage kids in science in a very direct way on an actual space telescope. Schools could raise funds, perhaps through community donations, and have their kids directly involved in space based astronomical observations.

Stellar Aperture will be following this story closely over the next few days following their planned event today. I’ll update this post with information as I get it.

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