Send Your Name to Mars!

Just a quick micro-post today.

Looking for a great way to participate in the next Mars mission?  NASA is giving you the opportunity, as it has for other missions in the past, to send your name along for the ride!  Just go to and you can creating your own Mars Boarding Pass!  It’s lots of fun, and a great way to get kids interested in this exiting mission.  Have fun!

Stellar Aperture is up and running!

Greetings my future readers.  This first post is just a “hello” and “welcome” to my blog.  Here I will discuss interesting science news, science politics, and educational information about topics I find interesting.  My hope is to get conversations going out there in the world about science and nature.  The Cosmos is a beautiful place.  We should all enjoy it, and strive to be a part of it, down here on Earth, and out there in all of the wondrous places that we will surely someday inhabit.

My plan is to post on a weekly basis, perhaps more often if the mood strikes.  I will likely also post interesting links to other science related websites as I see necessary in order to educate and delight.  Feel free to post comments along the way, and I will try to respond to them.